We have a unique appreciation of the adjuster’s obligations to provide a timely and accurate settlement. We quickly identify the like, kind, and quality material for flooring replacement while providing a complete estimate with the same sense of urgency facing the homeowner. Our professionalism and care brings comfort and demonstrates a commitment to successful results.

1 - 8 - 24 Protocol

One phone call or click to CFRN® harnesses the power of a nationwide network of trained flooring professionals. Our dedicated members are held to a strict 1 - 8 - 24 protocol and are committed to helping resolve the claim as efficiently and effectively as possible. We are here to serve as your partner and to put your customers at ease.

Second to None Service

CFRN® operates in a category of service providers that are second to none. We have spent our history building the best team, the most efficient processes, and world-class technology to handle virtually any type of flooring loss. Our highly professional network moves from disaster to delivery as quickly and effectively.

Centralized Tracking & Support

Each claim is processed through the Claims Management Department at our Corporate Office. CFRN® has established systems that account for centralized tracking of every loss. To including our proprietary data collection and management system that provides for electronic connectivity and reports, streamlining the process and allowing all parties involved an up-to-minute claims status.

Experts in Flooring Claims

Each CFRN® Member is supported by cutting-edge technology and our corporate office team is responsible for identifying deadlines as they approach. This enables our clients and homeowners to know the status of each step in the process. Our corporate claims management team is trained to assist in situations where a dispute arises, resolving conflicts quickly and to our client’s satisfaction.