What to do before you have new floors installed.

So you’ve made the ever so important decision and selected the perfect new flooring for your home. That was the hard part right?  But what happens next?  How do you prepare to have new floors installed? What do you need to do next to complete the project? Here are a few tips from our Certified Flooring Experts to help ensure the success of your flooring installation.

1.       Select the flooring contractor to install your new floors. This is really important because a good flooring installer can work with the product selection and know exactly what needs to be done and be able to make adjustments to ensure the finished product is perfect. If you purchase the materials yourself, ask your contractor beforehand of exactly what is needed before the project begins.

2.       Measure (twice) to purchase all materials needed. Depending upon your product selection, the proper installation will require padding, underlayment, tar roofing paper (for hardwood), or thinset (tile). You will also need transition pieces such as quarter round molding to cover the space between your new flooring and the walls or baseboards.

3.       Your product needs to acclimate to the temperature in your home.  Wood and laminate will expand and contract under natural conditions. To reduce this movement, give your floor 2 to 3 days to get used to the climate conditions in your home. Flooring likes climate control. Keep your AC/Heat system at a steady temperature before and after your floors are installed to minimize changes in temperature.

Once your product is ready to go, remove your furniture and existing flooring. Your flooring expert should fix any squeaks and level the subfloor. (Make sure this is included as part of the installation process). 


Keep your eyes open and look for matching lines. Make sure the joints and connections make sense. Does the pattern work?

Asking questions, staying informed, and working with a good flooring contractor equals a high quality installation, ensuring your long-term satisfaction.