A Herringbone (or is it Chevron?) to Pick

This Certified Flooring Expert is having a Herringbone moment. And, why not? The zig and zag pattern is trending in popularity and better yet has timeless appeal.  But, alas, nothing is ever a simple zig or zag, now we have choices.  Chevron, herringbone, flame stitch … all zig and zag but have specific details that one should consider when choosing types of flooring.

So is it really that I have a herringbone to pick or maybe I really want a chevron or flame-stitch? What exactly is the difference and what do the differences mean in terms of flooring?

The herringbone pattern is the placing of rectangles in a pattern. It is the most common zig zag as it requires less cuts with its softer angles.

This differs from the Chevron pattern where the material is cut at an angle to create a true point. It’s distinguishing letter “V” with its sharp point works great with tile and wood.  The chevron is stunning with its detail and really makes the statement of superior design. (see below)

And then, there is the flame stitch.  This design is usually multicolored sharp peaks in a varied pattern, it resembles – yes, a flame. This pattern is most popular in fabrics, carpet weaves and accent tiles. Common in patterns that a cool and updated vibe but also offered in lighter, timeless offerings, the flame stitch is also ideal when choosing carpet for areas with heavy traffic.

So the moment of truth?  I love them all … but herringbone doesn’t cost more (and this certified flooring expert is all about design on a budget) and provides great timeless design.