2015 Flooring Trends

It’s a New Year. A New Year often inspires goals and resolutions. Many people will find themselves dreaming of home renovations for their New Year. If you are one of those people here are some suggestions for 2015. Start with your floors. Not only can new floors add value to your home, but it can make you fall in love with your home all over again.  Here are some of the latest flooring trends.


Bamboo. Yes, bamboo manufactured from the bamboo plant. It is becoming known as an alternative to hard wood. Bamboo is durable and “eco friendly”. Like hardwood though it should be treated very carefully.

Reclaimed Wood. If you are going for a rustic/classic look then this is for you. Reclaimed wood is salvaged from old buildings. Reclaimed wood has wider planks. Often it maintains original nail holes and watermarks. It will give any room a sense of history.

Cork. Cork is commonly thought of as one of the most resilient types of flooring. It is becoming very common in residential buildings. It is soft and will feel good beneath your feet. That is one reason cork is becoming more and more popular in the kitchen. Cork flooring is also good for insulation. It can help you save money on your heating and air bills.

Luxury Vinyl. Luxury Vinyl is becoming increasingly more popular. Not only is it durable, but it is affordable. There are several styles that will give off the sleek look just like hardwood. Luxury Vinyl also includes tile that mimics ceramic tile.

(Also becoming more popular is the use of gray Luxury Vinyl instead of the traditional brown to imitate hardwood.)

Cut-and loop Carpet- I know what you are thinking, Cut and Loop? Yes, Cut and Loop Carpet was fashionable twenty and thirty years ago then “went out of style”. The last few years have brought about new contemporary styles and is becoming more common again. Today the Cut and Loop Carpet has backed away from the old sculpted design and is using a more geometric shape approach. You can find diamond shape outlined in today’s Cut and Loop Carpet. If you are looking for a carpet that provides a nice aesthetic feel, then this is the way to go for 2015. This carpet is better for rooms with less traffic.

Lastly, Large Format Tile. Large Format Tile is just literally large ceramic tile pieces. Today’s tile is larger than the old standard 12 X 12 size. Now 20 X 20 or even 24 X 24 is typical. Larger tile makes a room look “less busy”. There are fewer grout lines to get distracted by. It can even help a room appear larger.

These are some of the latest flooring trends. Look to see more of this in 2015.



Maintaining your floors through the Holidays

shaw living room 'Tis the season. That means food, family, and friends. Throughout the Holidays your floors are sure to experience more traffic than usual. This puts your floors at a higher risk for spills and stains. Here are some Certified Flooring Expert tips on how to properly care for your flooring during this fun but busy time.

Use Area Rugs- Using area rugs in high traffic areas will lower the chance of damaging your floors.

Here are some solutions for any accidents that may occur. 

have a detergent solution- Mix 1/2 teaspoon clear dish washing detergent with one cup of warm water.

Here are some step by step tricks for what to do if you get something on your carpet.

muddy shoe prints - Scrape up mud. Apply detergent solution. BLOT. (DON'T RUB). Apply white vinegar using a damp towel. BLOT.  Apply water with a wet sponge. Blot again. Finish by weighing down a half-inch thick pad of white paper towels to absorb all the moisture.

coffee or wine-  Blot up much as you can. Apply detergent solution. Blot. Apply white vinegar using a damp towel. Blot. Apply water with a damp sponge. Blot again.

sodas, ice cream, jelly- blot a dry cloth with a mix of 1/4 teaspoon of white vinegar with a quart of water. Apply on spot. Then blot again with a white paper towel.

for hardwood-  For most spills simply get paper towels to wipe up the spill. Start at the edge and move to the center. You can also use a light mix of non-bleach detergent and water.  Just be careful about how much water you use.  Be sure to wipe it dry afterwards.

scratches- If possible put chair glides on chairs and furniture.  If not grab a wood stain marker or a wax stick to remove any scratches.

The most important thing for any spill that occurs on any type of floor is that it be taken care of immediately.

From every one at Certified Flooring Experts  we wish you a Happy, Warm, Safe & Spill Free Holiday!