In Honor of Valentine's Day...

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we thought it would be appropriate to write about the fury loves of our lives.  Our sweet companions melt our hearts and make our hearts go pitter patter when they greet us at the end of a long day.  Yes, we love our pets and we’ve opened our hearts and homes – and furry or not, our four-legged friends prefer the indoor comforts over winter’s outdoor blistery chill. As much as we love them, we are floor people and we love our floors too!  Pet nails, hair shedding, even the occasional excited urine (it happens!) all pose threats to our floors.  Whether you have wood, carpet, laminate or even tile floors, they all need some extra protecting from Furry Friends.  Here are a few suggestions from our Flooring Experts to minimize Flooring Damage

If you have hardwood, here a few simple tips to try to help keep the scratches down to a minimum and the puppy kisses at an all-time high.

Place runners (long thin rugs) in high traffic areas.  Area rugs and carpet runners are also great for carpet protection.

Clean pet “accidents” immediately.  If your pet has an accident on carpet (and you are able to catch it “fresh”) be sure to soak up as much urine as possible. You can use newspapers or a towel.  Afterwards, rinse the area with clean water or a wet vac. If the stain has already set then use a pet safe spray carpet cleaner. Make sure to avoid using cleaning chemicals, specifically those with a strong odor like vinegar or ammonia. 

Trim pet nails regularly or invest in nail caps for indoor use.  It may take a few treats to get them to adjust, but your floors will appreciate the efforts as much as your enjoys the treat.

So go ahead let your pets enjoy unconditional love and warmth indoors!  With a little commitment we can have our beautiful floors, furry love and companionship on Valentine’s Day.