CFRN understands the importance of response in the claims process.

We have a unique appreciation of the adjuster’s obligation to provide timely and accurate settlement. We quickly identify the like, kind and quality of flooring material and provide a complete estimate with the same sense of urgency facing the adjuster and policyholder.

Our Certified Flooring Expert will:

  • Contact your policyholder to schedule an inspection within 1 hour of receipt of assignment

  • Inspect the loss within the next 8 business hours or at the policyholder’s earliest availability

  • Photograph, measure, & scope the affected areas and obtain LKQ samples when requested

  • Perform light painting, drywall repair, trim & base, appliance detach & reset etc…

  • A CFRN Project Coordinator will audit the scope for restorability and write an estimate per client estimating guidelines

  • If the policyholder selects our local retailer for the repair, we will assist with product selection and installation once the estimate has been approved

  • The CFRN Project Coordinator will monitor the repair process throughout the claim life cycle to ensure timeliness, quality workmanship and exceptional results

  • There is no cost for our services unless you are requesting a competitive bid

  • No O & P charged on sub trades when using CFRN

  • Material discounts are available with SLA

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